Monday, February 1, 2010

Rock 'N Learn: Reading Comprehension

As that time of year rolls around where we need to teach testing tips and review for the big standardized tests, we often fall back on the old ways and, yes, boring ways of making sure the kids are ready for these tests. I found the Rock 'N Learn's Reading Comprehension dvd and thought that it would be a different approach to teaching them how to comprehend text. I was surprised when it was more on how to approach reading with questions. It showed them to better ways to get the answers for questions connected with text. This surprise just kept getting better, too.

The main characters are a child and a pencil with a French accent. He was funny and entertaining despite tackling a topic that is not high interest.

The dvd showed the students some great techniques for taking on the type of questions that students will come across in standardized tests. It also provided test taking tips along the way, including those that we often overlook.

After watching the entire 40+ minute video, my students wanted to watch it again. We discussed the tips and strategies that the dvd had presented after watching it and they retained it! We all really enjoyed the dvd and I love that it is starting to get them in the mind set of getting ready for the 'big test.'