Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a great Thanksgiving holiday!

There are more products on the way. So, we will have more reviews coming soon!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Rock 'N Learn: Multiplication Rap

You may begin to see a pattern here with the Rock ‘N Learn DVDs, which is great because it will give you a good idea about other products of theirs that I haven’t reviewed.

As my students will be learning some of their multiplication facts starting next semester, I thought it would be wise to find something to help them remember the facts. With the other Rock ‘N Learn DVDs, I also received a Multiplication Rap. The kids loved Addition and Subtraction Rap, plus it is the same characters! Their favorites are back to help them with those pesky multiplication facts.

Multiplication rap is easy to blend into any already established math program. It takes one set of multiplication facts at a time. If you are teaching the 3s, there’s a program on just that. Plus, there are sections on skip counting. Which (as I have mentioned before) using Saxon Math, that makes it easy to blend the DVD in with how I am already teaching.

Again like the previous discs, Multiplication Rap is broken into small manageable segments of only a few minutes each which makes it great for review and reinforcement. It also follows the same format as Addition and Subtraction Rap. It has a quick lesson where the answers to the problems are given and then there is a review where there is a pause before answers to allow the student to answer on his/her own. I like the format, but I feel that the pause, or wait time, between the problem given and when the answer is given is too short. I think the students need just a little longer.

So for Multiplication Rap, I think it would be a worth while buy for students a little more experienced with multiplication. I would say probably as a review for the end of third grade and up. The skip counting I would use with my second graders and probably some of the facts that are easier for them, but I wouldn’t use it with students that are just starting out with multiplication.